In The Lantern, an intriguing tale that effortlessly spans time and place, award-winning author Joanne Lewis presents a mystery of Italian architectural history that follows two women’s quests to break free from their past, address the struggles of the present, and find a new future. Along the way, Lewis explores how hardship can either destroy a person or clarify their purpose in life. She also considers how realigning their focus on what really matters helps people to persevere through the difficulties they face. Throughout the story, the author weaves messages of acceptance of others, despite their faults and differences. But perhaps the most powerful message of all is summarized by one character who says, “Make your choices well, my son, for they will be with you the rest of your life.”

Lewis’s two protagonists are Filippa George, in present-day Miami, who must solve an ancient architectural mystery about the legend of a Renaissance girl who entered an architec-tural contest; and Dolce Gaddi, who was alivein 1400s Italy, the very girl Filippa is research-ing. The story jumps seamlessly between their stories. If Filippa uncovers evidence of Dolce’s existence, she’ll win a million-dollar prize and save a sick little boy’s life. Moreover, searching for the truth might prove to be the key to over- coming her own demons of abuse and addiction, for Dolce, readers learn, was caught in a web of abuse, too, and also must save another’s life. Both women must find in themselves whatever it takes to create new and meaningful futures.

The book’s writing is strong, with well-crafted, multi-faceted protagonists, who, while clearly imperfect, strive to be something more. Filippa and Dolce’s struggles feel real. And the story features a compelling, page-turning plot and a clean, enjoyable writing style. The settings enthrall the imagination, as does the mystery itself.

ForeWord Reviews,, The Lantern: A Renaissance Mystery

Joanne Lewis brings Renaissance Florence to life in The Lantern, a delightful and imaginative fable of hope, redemption and rebirth. In Dolce Gaddi - a woman at the heart of one of the most tantalizing mysteries in architectural history - she has created a compelling heroine. Bravissima!

Ross King, Bravissima!

the New York Times best selling author of Brunelleschi's Dome

The Lantern moves seamlessly between 15th century Florence and 21st century Miami, as two inspired, fearless women battle repressive social forces to reach for destinies only they can envision. Joanne Lewis weaves an entertaining, provocative tale of dreams pursued, told with humanity and passion.

Paul Robert Walker, Entertaining and Provocative

author of The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance

Joanne Lewis knows her Renaissance history and the great Italian artists of that time who lived and produced immortal, brilliant, beautiful works. She works her knowledge beautifully into "The Lantern" which moves flawlessly between modern and Renaissance times, leaving the reader wondering what will be coming next as the story moves from chapter to chapter.

Readers Favorite Book Award, Joanne Lewis Knows Her Renaissance

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